Why Your Botox® Isn’t Lasting 3 Months
Sep 23, 2021

Botox® should last three months right? Maybe four if you really stretch it. Some of you are reading this like, pshh, I’d be lucky to get two months out of mine. And it’s true. For some people Botox is only effective for up to two months. For others it is completely ineffective. Why is that? ...

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How to Get the Skin Care Results You Want
Sep 10, 2021

You have a cabinet full of products, but still haven’t reached your skin care goals. Let’s talk about why.   I’m honestly embarrassed to admit how many skin care products I own. According to the data I’m not alone. Skin care products are hot right now. Like reallllly hot. The skin care market generated 17.5 ...

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Dermaplaning. Maybe it’s not for everyone.
Aug 30, 2021

I’ve always been curious by nature. My mom was a detective for years, so I guess it’s in my blood. My friends like to play this game where they give me ‘cases’ and try their best to stump me. Usually during late night cocktail hours after I’ve had a couple. I’ve never met a case ...

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Using Your Skin Care Routine to Practice Mindfulness
Aug 16, 2021

I’m scrubbing my face with cleanser, but my mind is elsewhere. I need to swing by the post office on my way home from work; Gotta remember to pick the kids up from school later than usual today because of soccer practice; I need to wash the towels tonight, maybe I can squeeze that in ...

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Client Spotlight: Discussing the Injection Experience with Casey
Jul 27, 2021

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with exceptional outcomes and exceptional experiences. We say it all the time, but we thought you might like to hear it from an actual ElàMar client. Meet Casey. Casey has been a regular client for two years. She enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and on the lake near ...

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How to Find the Best Aesthetics Provider Near You
Jul 14, 2021

A step by step guide to searching for and vetting aesthetics providers.   The world of non-surgical aesthetic treatments can be overwhelming – it’s still a relatively new field, new treatments are being introduced all the time, there’s a lot of strange terms like ‘erbium’, ‘prp’, ‘hydradermabrasion’, and ‘neurotoxin’. Aesthetic treatments are also offered by ...

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