Using Your Skin Care Routine to Practice Mindfulness
Aug 16, 2021

I’m scrubbing my face with cleanser, but my mind is elsewhere. I need to swing by the post office on my way home from work; Gotta remember to pick the kids up from school later than usual today because of soccer practice; I need to wash the towels tonight, maybe I can squeeze that in ...

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What Makes People Feel Beautiful?
Jul 1, 2021

I took a moment to put on my makeup. Some people would argue that it was pointless. What was the point? I wasn’t going anywhere. It was a zoom call. But I put on makeup and my favorite pair of jeans anyway. Wearing them always makes me feel good about myself.. The COVID-19 quarantine period ...

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What Your Skin is Saying About Your Stress Level
Jun 3, 2021

Melody swallowed nervously as she examined her reflection in the mirror. Her face had broken out, the acne as plain as, well, the nose on her face. She cringed at the cliche. When was the last time she had gone through her normal skin care routine? It had been too long, but she had more ...

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Why Do Beauty Standards Feel Unattainable
May 25, 2021

I get self-conscious when I go to the beach. I’m not the sort of person who feels comfortable in a bikini. My skin is incredibly pale. I don’t tan well. I just burn and peel. I’ve always been slightly jealous of my sister because of this. She steps outside for one day in May and ...

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