How to Find the Best Aesthetics Provider Near You

A step by step guide to searching for and vetting aesthetics providers.


The world of non-surgical aesthetic treatments can be overwhelming – it’s still a relatively new field, new treatments are being introduced all the time, there’s a lot of strange terms like ‘erbium’, ‘prp’, ‘hydradermabrasion’, and ‘neurotoxin’.

Aesthetic treatments are also offered by a variety of medical specialties from plastic surgeons and dermatologists to registered nurses and probably even your dentist.

So how do you know who to trust? And if you find a trustworthy provider, how do you know they’re the right fit for you?

Breathe. We’ve got you. Whether you use moved to a new city, are new to aesthetics or are just looking for a new provider, we’re going to walk you step-by-step through how to find the best aesthetics providers near you, and give specific tips on how to analyze your options to find the best provider for you.


Step 1: Get Familiar with Aesthetics Industry Terms

Take some time to read through aesthetics websites to learn the lingo. Here’s what to look for.

  • Different Names for Aesthetics and Aesthetics Providers
    • Medical Aesthetics, MedSpa, Med Spa, non-surgical cosmetics, non-surgical aesthetics, non-surgical aesthetic treatments
  • Common Concerns
    • Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, loose skin, pigment, hyperpigmentation, melasma, brown spots, age spots, sun spots, hollowing under the eyes, under eye bags, dark circles, crows feet, jowling, etc.
  • Popular Treatments
    • Botox, dermal filler, microneedling, thread lift, prp injections, skin resurfacing, IPL photofacials

Here are some aesthetics websites we really like.

  • Charlotte’s Book is a super fun blog about aesthetics, aging and wellness. There’s also a provider directory that allows you to search by location.
  • AEDIT provides detailed information on aesthetics treatments. It’s more technical than Charlotte’s Book, going into details like pre and post treatment care. We love it. It also has a directory under the “Find a Provider” tab.
  • Treatment Specific Websites. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of aesthetic products and equipment often have websites with useful information on their products. Allergan, who makes Botox, has a useful one.


Step 2: Gather 5 Options by Searching Online

Now you’re ready to find some options to choose from. Here’s what you should type in when searching, and where you should search to get the best results.

Be Specific with Your Search Phrase

Typing ‘aesthetics provider near me’ is going to yield pretty broad results. Narrow it down by being as specific as possible.

  • Start with a specific treatment.
  • If you don’t know what treatment you need, then substitute your concern.
  • Add your target area.
  • Then add your geographical location, like the name of your town or city. Or if you’re in a large city, narrow it down even further by using your suburb or neighborhood name.

For example, let’s say we’re looking for an aesthetics provider in Nashville, TN. Here are a few searches phrases we might use:

  • “Botox provider for forehead wrinkles in Sylvan Park Nashville TN”
  • “Dermal Filler for lips in Green Hills Nashville TN”
  • Or, if you don’t know your specific treatment… “Treatments for brown spots on cheeks in Franklin, TN”

Search in Multiple Places

Now that you know what to search for, it’s important to run this search in multiple places.

Search on Google, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram. Different businesses optimize their online presence for different platforms. Searching multiple places will ensure you don’t miss any options that may be a good fit for you.

Additionally, If you know which treatment you want, often that company will have a provider finder on their website.

  • ​ lets you search for aesthetic providers based on your location and other tailored search options.
  • HydraFacial also has a great provider finder.

Ask Your Friends

Whether you’ve talked about it or not, some of your friends may have had aesthetic treatments before! Ask them where they went and if they would go back. Ask them what they liked and didn’t, then add these places to your list.

After your research, pick 5 options that look like they might be a good fit and move on to step 3.


Step 3: Narrow Your Options Down to 3

For your top 5 options, look at their website, Facebook, and Instagram and ask:

  • Do their website and online profiles look professional?
  • Is it organized and easy to use, or haphazardly put together?
  • What is their philosophy or approach to aesthetics (read the ‘About’ page)? Does this match up with what you’re looking for?

If a business presents themselves well and provides a good experience online, then they are more likely to do so when you visit in person.

Look to see if they provide the services and treatments you’re interested in and view their before and after photos, on both their website and social media accounts. This will give you a picture of their current work, since a lot of practices don’t update their websites as often as social media.

Reviews and photos outside the group’s website will give you a more accurate picture of their work. Reviews featured on website are great, but they are usually cherry picked (we know because we hand pick the reviews on our website!). Read through reviews on Facebook and their Google Maps listing – to do that you can go to and type in the name of the practice.

When looking through reviews, look for quantity and quality. Do they have one review or hundreds? Are most of them five stars or are many of them bad reviews?

Ideally aesthetics is the core of their business. There may be exceptions to this rule, but generally the more you do something the better you are at it and practices that focus on non-surgical cosmetics and skin care typically perform a lot of those services.

Now, narrow your list down to three.


Step 4: Call Your Top 3

You have researched locations, read reviews, looked at before and after pictures, and scoured websites. Now it’s time to make a phone call.

Don’t feel pressure to make an appointment. The point of this first call is to see how knowledgeable the team is and to find out if you like the people!

What to say when you call:

  • Tell them you’re new and just reaching out to learn more. Are they still kind and helpful even though you told them you may not be ready to schedule an appointment?
  • Ask them about the treatment you’re interested in. “Can you tell me about Botox?”
  • Ask them if they are any good at that treatment. Hopefully they say yes, then back it up with proof that they are good at what they do. Good responses would be something like:
    • Yes, we perform hundreds of these treatments per month.
    • Absolutely. Our providers have spend tens of hours training, perform them all the time, and you can visit our website to view results of real patients.
  • Ask about provider credentials. The following medical professionals are qualified to perform most non-surgical treatments.
    • Medical doctor (MD), dental practitioner (DDS/DMD), nurse practitioner (NP), physician’s assistant (PA) or registered nurse (RN) WITH training in medical aesthetics.
  • Credentials are important, but so is experience. So ask how long the provider has been practicing aesthetics. Ideally they’ve been practicing for at least a few years.
  • Lastly, ask them if you can schedule a consultation when you’re ready and how much it will cost.

That’s it! After the call, consider the entire interaction. Did the person you talk to appear knowledgeable and eager to answer your questions? Did they seem attentive to your needs as a potential client?

If the group seemed rude or unwelcoming, then move on. You want a great outcome, but aesthetics should be fun too! If they provide a good experience on the phone then they’ll probably provide a good experience when you visit.


Step 5: Schedule a Consultation

After you’ve called your top 3, pick your favorite and schedule a consultation.

A consultation allows you to get a feel for the provider, not just the front desk staff, and to ask questions in-person to clarify what you don’t understand to ensure you are confident about your treatment selection.

We asked our ElàMar providers what questions they recommend you ask during a consultation with a new provider. Here’s what they said:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • In what services do you specialize?
  • Ask to see before and after photos of the treatment you’re considering.

At this stage, it’s critical to be honest about what you want as a client. Explain what your goals are and what you are hoping to get out of treatments.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Gill, noted that “You should get the sense that the provider is really listening to your concerns and customizing a plan that addresses your individual needs and budget”.

Does the provider listen to what you want? You’ll know they do if they’re able to repeat your concerns or goals back to you. A red flag in a consultation is the provider specifically trying to “sell” a particular service rather than providing options to achieve your goals.

Here are a few more questions to ask during a consultation.

  • What is your favorite part about what you do?
  • What are your beliefs about skin care?
  • What approach would you take to help me with my specific concern?

Pay attention to how you feel during the conversation, you should feel comfortable.

Ultimately you want someone who cares, and care is expressed in the details. Looking online and finding a website that is pretty and easy to use demonstrates their attention to visual appeal and client experience. Visiting for a consultation gives you a genuine look at the space and how the provider operates. Are they punctual? Organized? Clean? Friendly? If they demonstrate care in the seemingly trivial details, they are far more likely to care for your outcome and experience.


Lastly, always remember that you do not have to move forward with a treatment if you don’t feel comfortable yet. Just keep learning and asking questions. You’ll know when you’re ready and have found the right provider for you.


Good luck on your aesthetics journey!


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